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上海 sophie蒂斯美"Ham-er! < / p > < p > liu bao stood up, came to the big tent outside, while thinking about countermeasures in the brain, at the same time to call their general."Don't cover for her, soldiers have been trained, long skills!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1 way: "can know her to go where?"Twist a head, some doubt of nod, see toward lu lingqi way: "haven't ask a girl fragrant name."

The next morning, zhang liao summoned li kan and asked him to take an army from han sui to linzi to carry grain and grass."Something like that." Lv bu nodded, and the dragon bone chariot in the han dynasty was able to automatically draw water out of the field by means of the rapid flow of water, which was very efficient. However, the force required by the water was very high, and it could not be used by a river.He succeeded again, and more successfully than the last time, he became a vassal. Throughout history, it seems that there are many, many vassals to be counted, but if you calculate in proportion, in the long course of history, the proportion of these people may not even reach one in a million.上海 sophieThe west cool world war I, the loss of the basic is the west cool army, lu bu confession water qiang led out of the horse and zhang liao and gao shun's army is not much loss.

上海 sophie< / p > < p > in an instant, 56 female soldiers at the same time raised the rhubarb crossbow, the cold crossbow aimed at the road around juyan soldiers, the bodyguard see lu lingqi eyes hidden murder, for a while some panic, watching lu lingqi with horses and horses go toward the palace, all the way into the palace.In the box next to the window, the young scribe leaned back in his chair and looked in silence at the gradually bustling street, with a sort of melancholy hatred in his eyes."Oh, what a stubborn temper! Hsiung kuo hai also took a piece of meat, from the other side of the hand, but was in the hands of the eagle in a mouthful.

"Say along while, this lamb leg all quick cool, quick, go to send to him past, don't let general say I Lao zhang neglect guest." Jun han shook his head, stuffed the leg of lamb into the boy's hand, stood up, staggered, humming a tune towards the road to come."What is the distinction? If there had not been blacksmiths and carpenters, we would still be living in the era of slash-and-burn." Lu bu shook his head and smiled.Row after row of crossbow arrows broke through the air, unprepared xianbei people were immediately shot down a piece of, woke up from the xianbei people roaring toward the troops launched an attack, but was a wave of crossbow to repel.上海 sophie




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