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高辣辣文纯h文|文典英语教学网Side of the giffin laughed: "master this move, in addition to these, can also increase the attraction of talent, I harmony cool place, or lack of people.""Monseigneur, will you fight?" Wang Yong looked at Zhang Gu, according to the handle of the knife hand is still shaking.Suicide! ?

Pass, empty can not see half a person, the air between the faint, filled with a bloody smell, born in the grasslands, such a taste for them, too sensitive."Good, then by d, ma dai commander in chief eight thousand nationalities from riding, assist strategist guarding mayi, the rest of the people ready, early tomorrow morning, bypass mayi, bing." Lyu3 bu4 got up.Lyu3 bu4, giffin, pound and others heard a silence, For a long time, giffin only way: "zhang he, falling in grant obviously already ready to war with our army, according to the horse stake, our army only have a way to go, but our army is cavalry, not good siege, want to break mayi, not only cost a great deal, I'm afraid it will take at least three months or longer."高辣辣文纯h文|"No! I will fight this battle myself!" Kui looked at TaBaJi powder and MurongGui, shook his head, and laughed aloud: "If every battle to temuzhen brothers to fight, is it not to let DaXi new absolutely laugh at my king's court no one?"

高辣辣文纯h文|"Let's get ready." Waved, giffin put away a title of generals in ancient times, smiled."I say yes, yes." As always overbearing tone, but pang tong from Addis tone, hear some other things, nervous, or outside, after all, this era of women to men so confessed, really not much, especially Addis is usually a very... tough woman.

In the dark, these beggars do not know how many enemies, many beggars began to fly around without a head."Yes, I do!" Xu chu touched the forehead, looked at the shoes on the ground, picked up a pair of shoes to follow cao cao chased out.And when he drank it, Around the county soldiers is face big change, qi qi qi back, wang yong clenched the knife in his hand, try not to let himself back, but also did not have the courage to step forward, watched lyu3 bu4 step by step went to the front of patronage, so in front of jinyang city eight hundred county soldiers, in patronage desperate screams, waved a slap in his face.高辣辣文纯h文|




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