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杜敏赫老公加拿大v6"Lord, general guan left. He said... ""Huh?" < / p > < p > lu lingqi turned around to look, but the direction of the upstream, the stars have dozens of black spots on the river gradually become clear up, the body of the ship is not big, a boat can sit at most 10 or 20 people, the number is quite a lot, the fleet did not play the flag, but each ship, hanging a jinfan, the setting sun, quite eye-catching."Elder brother, you this can say wrong, cui zhou ping, shi tao, that not be virtuous scholar, also didn't see them so difficult please?" Zhang fei laughed dismissively.

Now, with the victory in hand, hsiung kuo hai naturally did not want to die with zhang he. He had to change his moves and open zhang he's gun in a hurry."Lord, good into the house of shi shi, who want to plot against evil, have been all captured at the end, the rebels have been killed on the spot, the rest have been captured by the pro-guard camp, please send the Lord. Huang zhong coldly saw CAI madam one eye, bow body way to liu biao."What man! ?" After all, this activity still caused the alarm of the bodyguard in the house of jishi. Pound shook his hand and threw out one, killing the bodyguard, but also caused the alarm of other guards in the house.杜敏赫老公In terms of economy, the opening of the silk road only provided lu bu with a channel to make money, not the amount of money directly given to him. For a new power, no amount of money is enough to spend.

杜敏赫老公The unexpected is what meaning, gu shao have no mood to go to study, my mind was all mixed weapon 2 words, before the city the sentinels had seen, they are well trained, splendid, other places don't know, but just imposing manner, if put in jiangdong, that is absolutely elite level, which can such an army generals, estimates that even in the dream to laugh, but here is a mixed weapon, gu shao very defy spirit, thought henton in deliberately exaggerated.Six hundred paces was almost unimaginable, and the greatest yellow crossbow ever built could only shoot four hundred paces.The soldier looked at cao cao at a loss, but dare not disobey, hurriedly took off his armor, trembling ship cao cao's eye-catching armor.

"Come on." Zhaoyun nodded, with lv lingqi, because of the beginning of the illness, two people did not ride horses, on the street leisurely walking, enjoy jingzhou local conditions."Snow?"Luck!杜敏赫老公




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