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吕青玄|大连emsNow that can not be sure the royal ", moreover, your country, and dost thou expelled from the English on the legal theory, do not have the legitimacy and the queen, questionable, don't say it's you, is your home queen, may not have enough qualified to talk to my Lord, my Lord of magnanimity, with national gift reception, dost thou dost thou but words irreverence, Confucianism is not, so bearing, an image of the king!""Lord don't worry, but bravado!" Yang bo sneered at the other side, so far away, even if they take advantage of the wall, there is no way to shoot the arrow so far.A hanzhong soldier looked at the sword on the shoulder of the opponent in a crazy way. With the sound of a clear crash, the sword in his hand was light. The hanzhong soldier looked at the broken sword in surprise.

"Lord ~" pro - wei leading eye canthus to crack looking at CAI MAO lifeless corpse.Chapter 16 pang tong mou hanzhong"Now xiangyang has less than 20,000 soldiers. General, we... "Zhang yun peristaltic mouth, is want to say what time, but see CAI MAO suddenly turned around, Wolf eyes son staring at zhang yun body, make zhang yun chest a gao, can not speak.吕青玄|"Lord, a messenger from baiji has come to see the son of heaven." Chen qun su rong way.

吕青玄|"That...... "Zhang yun dont understand to kuai yue."I know! Cao cao snatched the letter from the hands of a minor official and tore it into pieces crazily. Laughing, cao cao said, "we played a trick on him. I have no reason to be angry! '"It's not over yet. Get on with your business." Lv bu raised his eyelids, looking at the distance, straight to his man.

Wei yan waved, let those follow their qiang people quickly put on these hanzhong soldiers, pang tong let people take the rope, these hanzhong soldiers tied together as prisoners."Troops in nanyang and xiangyang cannot be moved for the time being." Liu2 bei4 shook his head, ZhuGeLiangYou words he is quite agree, nanyang but not jingzhou north portal, is also the foundation of liu bei, matter, nanyang once empty, cao cao and lu bu is very likely at this point a finger, nanyang a loss, liu2 bei4 elaboration is equal to five years to pay the water, and Jiang Xiaze is the south gate of xiangyang, also do not light, compared to cao cao, lu bu, jiangdong side grip but little, Jiang Xiazhi soldiers move, equal to let go of the bondage of jiangdong, two horses do not light, changsha Liu Pan for foreign aid, but, after all, not his military forces, And in the midst of the other counties another man was found to join.Nighthawk frightened to disgrace, but at the moment, in addition to the hands of the dagger with all pushed to the history of a body, and she could not do anything, but imagine the blood splashed didn't happen, so a finger in the history through the nighthawk vacant eyes, airy take over his blade, and the power of the following is a copious on sword swings, exposed a crack on the edge of a cold appear constantly.吕青玄|




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