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生益发债电脑印花机"Bao ~" a small school rushed in and shouted to lv bu and pound: "Lord, general pang, jingzhou army has begun to attack the city.'not for me! Wang tired raised his head and looked at liu zhang. He said, "the Lord knows that this list includes almost all the people of large and small families in the middle of shu, including the soldiers in the army. Now the soldiers are in front of the Lord and the Lord is persecuting his family.Above all this is an ambitious person, of course, the ambition of person and person is different, zhang songzhi is in expand his family, and he has enough talent and vision to carry talent however encounter, have the heart to do a career, meet liu zhang however such a yong Lord.

This time huang zhong but moved true force, huge force will be long gun knock of turn and return, mercilessly beat in the abdomen of sun yi, rao is sun yi young person's constitution, suffered such a heavy blow, is also on the horse back as shrimp general curl up.However, the changes in the world in the past year also surprised fu DE. Lv bu attacked jizhou and liu biao died in jingzhou, which led to chaos. CAI MAO and liu bei fought for jingzhou, which made fu DE not know what to do."Why do you ask? But why?" Zhou an looked at zhou yu and did not understand.生益发债"If the general wants to kill us, we are now prisoners of the lower ranks, at the command of the general, but I have to wait for the Lord liu zhang this loyalty, but it is a dream.

生益发债"Why only ten years? Why not all?" Zhang song some dissatisfaction way."What do you mean? Shaking his head, pang tong said with a smile, "what do you think faxiao went straight to shu for?"Hearing the words, he smiled and said, "I will stay here for some time. During this time, brother zi qiao should listen to my plan."

The booth is big, the thing also is much, it seems that later it is necessary to will art number a special list into a discipline to train professional talents to help deal with these things."... "Chapter 74 fog cures the river"It is three ye, consigliere seeks me." Ford smiled with a slight salute.生益发债





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