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魂回大清之烂烂篇爱美车汽车用品网Chapter 64 Future PlanningHan De and the huns warrior shook a hard, eager to get out of hand, Watching another general is killing soldiers, not surprised and angry, then at this time, corner of the eye skimmed a touch of cold light, followed by a shrill buzz ringing in his ear, make his heart a boring, then looked at the huns general, but startled to find a party day painting ji from heaven, directly the huns general with a horse nailed to the ground."I don't know, since when, these humble huns, dare to show us their ugly fangs, from when, our compatriots, can only cry and cry under their horseshoes, like a lamb, slaughtered at will by them; I don't know why Han Sui, who is also a Han Chinese, should lead these aliens to slaughter our compatriots! "

In the distance, seibel also found the routed army naturally."Here!" Although don't understand why, but still faithfully carried out the zhong yao military orders, immediately a wave of his hand, two jun soldiers rushed in, can't help but say, will Li Bao fell to the ground.No answer, or simply don't bother to answer, the han colluded with the huns invaded han jiangshan, in the eyes of the han people is extremely sinful, but in the eyes of these grassland tribes, but there is no such difference, the moon people are attached to the han, instead, with the huns have a feud, the so-called collusion nature can't stand.魂回大清之烂烂篇"Want to kill him?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the north palace from one eye, sneer at a way: "As long as you have this ability, you can kill yourself, now, he is my captive, how to deal with, I will judge!"

魂回大清之烂烂篇"This..." At listen to xun yu said, some blankly shook his head: "or the reckless man?"With lyu3 bu4 commanded, thousands of cold arrow cluster soared into the sky, gathered into a dense rain of arrows, dark toward the unarmed huns, less than a quarter of an hour, hundreds of huns although trying to impact, just haven't been able to rush to the front, then died under the cluster of arrows, no life.Lyu3 bu4 faint smile, He had no intention of competing with these Qiang lads, After all, it's kind of bullying, But it's about the white water qiang attachment, if not what the first beauty, lyu3 bu4 also want to marry her back, even when a mascot in the future, this attitude must have, of course, beauty is better, don't say this age, even in the past life, a strong man with multiple women is not what angry things.

If one or two people, d can also block the news, but more than five hundred people throw back, hay burned things I'm afraid not long, can instantly spread throughout d barracks, by then, d even if want not to withdraw troops are difficult."Your excellency, you go first, and I will break it!" Seeing the army surging behind, troops began to chaos, zhong yao although fierce, but after all is not a general, marching is not in line, with He Man with the ambush, troops immediately appeared chaos, accompanied by the general immediately let zhong yao with the army to withdraw, his stay after the break.魂回大清之烂烂篇




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